Steer Your Ship and Feel the Flow

News from Telos –  So often I meet people who believe they are in the flow but they’re often in a state of waiting for signs from spirit to show them the way. The funny thing is when we wait and wait we can often drift all over the map, get nowhere and end up feeling stuck in the currents of life. It doesn’t have to be this way. Hear what high priest Adama of Telos has to say about the difference between being blown around on the ocean of life versus being the captain of your own ship.

Hello and Welcome to Mt. Shasta,

We are here very close to Horse Camp. For people who know Mt. Shasta, this is fairly high up. I’d like to show you a little bit around here because it’s so beautiful. We still have a lot of snow. It’s April and it’s just a beautiful day in Mount Shasta.

I would like to share a little bit about our last  Journey to Telos. I am Maqua Iqua and I take people on a Journey to Telos every Wednesday night at 7 pm live and every second Tuesday of the month online from 10 am – 12.30 pm. We actually visit the people in Telos who live in the caverns underneath Mount Shasta in the 5th Dimension. I take people on guided drum journeys. You may not believe it, but people have incredible experiences. Last night (Wednesday) we had mostly men, which was a great surprise. Men are rising to the occasion which makes me really happy. The theme was


I think that very often we forget that we have a choice. A lot of people on the spiritual path think they need to be in the flow and this is fantastic However, if you are too much in the flow its like you are on the ocean in a big boat and there is nobody at the steering wheel. Where does this take you?  Your boat gets swept around – back and forth according to the wind and the current. So this means you are caught up in the flow with no input on where you go.

You also have the choice to take the steering wheel of your own boat and you can choose where you want to go. You can still be on the open ocean and you can still enjoy the journey. Perhaps you may want to go to a beautiful island or you’d like to go onshore to meet your friends. So you always have a choice, and the moment you make a choice, everybody, specifically those of the spiritual realm, will support you.

The moment you make a choice, everything will fall into place because you are finally in alignment. You are in alignment with your goals and you are in alignment with spirit. If your choices come from your heart and you feel really guided to do something and you feel this inner sense of “wow this feels awesome” that’s when you really move forward. It’s as if somebody puts a hand on your back and pushes you forward.

I encourage you to try it and see by asking the question that high priest Adama asked last night:


Ask not from your ego but from your heart. WHAT DO YOU WANT? And like high priest Adama yesterday night said:


That’s what I wanted to share with you guys today of our beautiful experience from last night’s Journey to Telos.

Stay connected, I will have an update every Thursday.

Have a beautiful day and many blessings from Mt. Shasta.

Maqua Iqua,
The 5D Shaman