The Magic Potion Is Ready

…I desperately needed to identify and get rid of the root cause of this breast cancer…

I became a shaman, trained as a pyranic energy healer, took up marital arts and learned to free my energy and overcome previous limitations….through a combination of everyday meditation, energetic self-healing, being out in nature…following a strong inner urge to travel, I left Germany and started to rely on my inner guidance only… I was committed to go where directed despite what my head had to say…. …Within 3 months, I had completely changed my entire life and to my enormous surprise discovered I was completely free of cancer… I become 100% committed to Spirit, moved to Hawaii, cut all relationships that were not supporting me and rebirthed myself…

Now I live my dream life…..

  • I have a beautiful, loving  relationship with my soulmate
  • I’m on purpose serving people, in their transformation – I help people like you quickly identify and get on their unique life path…
  • I live in my dream location with community, friends, spiritual sustenance in Mt Shasta, – the Mecca for 5D consciousness and one of the highest energy spots on the planet
  • I’m easily outdoors and plugged into nature on a daily basis and Immersed in the natural beauty of the holy mountain.

My life is one of unimagined material prosperity like never before.

Would you like to create your dream life?

Now my mission is to guide you on your path to transformation….you can avoid the pitfalls I encountered and you can quickly manifest your joy with the life of your dreams…

My Vision

I do this through My Mission…

So what are the features of 5D shamanism

  • Works with the quantum field – the infinite sea of possibilities from which all things manifest. With intelligent understanding of the quantum field, we get to create our own reality and no longer have to be the victims of accidental and unconscious creations. We no longer need be victims of our past stories….You too can become an intentional, conscious creator of your reality. – You realize that you are the master of your own life. Only when you take on 100% ownership of every aspect of  your life to date can you recreate it anew.
  • With 5D you become the alchemist of your own life….by taking 100% responsibility, you can turn lead into gold by eliminating negative creations and you create only the positive outcomes that you dream of.

“…Maqua Iqua is the most skilled therapist I’ve ever come across. She brings vast knowledge in classical therapy, religion/spirituality, and energy clearing— the combination of which makes her sessions holistic and multidimensional. Sessions include in-depth conversation, mental exercises, and deep energy clearing — all of which happens organically according to the specific issue being addressed. What sets Maqua apart is her deep investment in your story and the obstacles you are facing. She takes detailed notes every session and remembers in detail what you discussed in previous sessions, such that each session builds upon previous sessions. In addition, the fluid, spontaneous, and unpredictable nature of the sessions keeps things interesting, and dare I say, fun! Each session will leave you feeling more energetically whole and significantly wiser. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Ash, Chicago, IL

  • With the 5d approach, rather than working from the everyday 3d perspective you elevate your viewpoint to a higher frame of reference…when you are mired in the everyday doing of life, paying our bills, dealing with the kids, balancing work and home life…it’s impossible to know where you are going…5d  lifts you to the mountain top so you see the bigger picture, the whole landscape and you can chart a course for yourself…
  • Works with the invisible – I help you engage with beings of higher consciousness including Ascended masters, Angels and your unique team of spirit guides.
  • It is multidisciplinary encompassing spiritual psychology (MA),traditional therapy (listening and loving with neutrality), religion/spirituality, Shaolin technique and energy clearing— the combination of which makes you session holistic. A session may involve freeing you from past life trauma, negative spiritual influences, unconscious beliefs coming from the collective and invisible matrices into which we are born and often unaware of. My approach draws on many years of intensive study, both formal and informal, and self-discovery including my masters degree in spiritual psychology…

…I’ve figured out what works so you don’t have to…

  •  Multi-dimensional – means it works from the inside out…the external circumstances of our lives are merely the tip of the iceberg…90% of problems are below the water deeply rooted in our subconscious…Multidimensional tools such as energetic clearing, clearing in parallel universes/other dimensions, future life influences,  inner child work at this level to address the root cause.
  • Cultivates your unique authenticity and deep knowing of yourself as a sovereign being who is totally aligned with their life purpose and acting from that place…you live your truth and no one else’s…you became a self-sufficient sovereign being, relying on no one else for direction and creating your life from higher guidance and not from human ego..

Do you Want to Create Magic in your Life?…

Let me tell you about the Magic Tools in my toolbox

  1. Communing with The Higher Beings of Telos – Through partnering with the Telosian healing team you meet your power animal, follow the trance-inducing beat of the drum and experience the magic of Telos – the inter-dimensional city within Mt. Shasta…Imagine your excitement with life changing encounters and experiences such as
    • A visit to the St Germaine Spa – where you enjoy the most technologically advanced treatments in the galaxy.
    • Relaxing into profound healing on high-tech Med Bed and Crystal therapy
    • Working with the Ascended masters including High-Priest Adama, St Germaine, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.

  2. Integrative Quantum Medicine – a unique modality invented by Louis Mita drawing upon a cutting edge marriage of quantum physics and  millennia-old healing traditions of the East that work with Chi…works with secret energy practices of the Shaolin monks, aligning chakras, acupuncture meridians, astral, energetic and your physical bodies…
    • It’s fast – no long drawn out processes to change what’s been carried for lifetimes.
    • Works on multiple levels including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and meta physical.
    • Its multi-dimensional – addresses root causes in other dimensions and parallel realities.

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