MaQuantun Healing  is a unique modality I’ve developed that blends classical western healing tools including Gestalt Therapy, Creative Visualization, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming  with Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM) the art and and science of energy healing

The result is a cutting edge marriage of quantum physics, millennia-old healing traditions of the East that work with Chi combined with effective western transformational tools. It also works with secret energy practices of the Shaolin monks, aligning chakras, acupuncture meridians, astral, energetic and your physical bodies.

  • It’s fast – no long drawn out processes to change what’s been carried for lifetimes.
  • Works on multiple levels including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and meta physical.
  • It’s multi-dimensional – addresses root causes in other dimensions and parallel realities.
  • Works where other modalities like traditional psycho therapy have failed

Have you ever struggled to change a destructive behavior and failed?

Say you always attract the wrong type of life partner and seem to repeat the same in your next relationship. Often this has to do with deep seated, unconscious beliefs inherited from childhood or even from past lives….You often have no idea…..the energy signature of these early traumas is often driving your experience Unconscious are underlying deep seated emotional causes like a sense of worthlessness and lack of love

MaQuantum Healing Cuts Through All of This


It works with the QUANTUM FIELD – the infinite sea of possibilities from which all things manifest. With intelligent understanding of the quantum field, we get to create our own reality and no longer have to be the victims of accidental and unconscious creations. We no longer need be victims of our past stories….You too can become an intentional, conscious creator of your reality. – You realize that you are the master of your own life. Only when you take on 100% ownership of every aspect of  your life to date can you recreate it anew.


In Your 1 on 1 Personal Quantum Healing Session we will focus on specific issues that you are challenged with be they physical or otherwise such as:

  • Weight Management and Metabolism – Are you sick of fighting with your weight and body image?  Perhaps you have an imbalanced relationship to food and use it to suppress uncomfortable feelings you’re afraid to deal with? IQM can help You finally get out of Yo Yo Dieting, return to healthy relationship with food and reclaim the natural metabolic balance of your youth!

  • Addiction Struggles – Address addiction patterns whether they be physical (e.g. quitting smoking) or mental (e.g. recurring negative thought forms).  You can eliminate destructive behaviors and habits fast!
  • Financial Well-Being – Are you tired of struggling with your finances? Finally you can get  free of financial struggles as you eliminate energetic blocks, past life influences and plain old poverty consciousness.
  • Aligned Livelihood – Are you Tired of working simply to survive? perhaps you cling to a job you hate just to make ends meet wondering when the axes is going to drop and you get laid off? Well Imagine your Life when you wake excited every day to bring your gifts to the world and you have a healthy balanced relationship with money…

and Much, Much, More…You Decide!!



“…Maqua Iqua is the most skilled therapist I’ve ever come across. She brings vast knowledge in classical therapy, religion/spirituality, and energy clearing— the combination of which makes her sessions holistic and multidimensional. Sessions include in-depth conversation, mental exercises, and deep energy clearing — all of which happens organically according to the specific issue being addressed. What sets Maqua apart is her deep investment in your story and the obstacles you are facing. She takes detailed notes every session and remembers in detail what you discussed in previous sessions, such that each session builds upon previous sessions. In addition, the fluid, spontaneous, and unpredictable nature of the sessions keeps things interesting, and dare I say, fun! Each session will leave you feeling more energetically whole and significantly wiser. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Ash, Chicago, IL”


  • It’s multidisciplinary encompassing spiritual psychology (MA),traditional therapy (listening and loving with neutrality), religion/spirituality, Shaolin technique and energy clearing— the combination of which makes you session holistic.
  • A session may involve freeing you from past life trauma, negative spiritual influences, unconscious beliefs coming from the collective and invisible matrices into which we are born and often unaware of. My approach draws on many years of intensive study, both formal and informal, and self-discovery including my masters degree in spiritual psychology…

I’ve figured out what works so you don’t have to…

  • Multi-dimensional – means it works from the inside out…the external circumstances of our lives are merely the tip of the iceberg…90% of problems are below the water deeply rooted in our subconscious…Multidimensional tools such as energetic clearing, clearing in parallel universes/other dimensions, future life influences,  inner child work at this level to address the root cause.
  • Cultivates your unique authenticity and deep knowing of yourself as a sovereign being who is totally aligned with their life purpose and acting from that place…you live your truth and no one else’s…you became a self-sufficient sovereign being, relying on no one else for direction and creating your life from higher guidance and not from human ego..

Book Your MaQuantum Session Today!


Sessions are custom tailored to you. We begin by identifying your goals and highest priority issues.  I quickly intuit the best combination of techniques to accelerate your deepest healing.  Sessions are cumulative and can build upon each other as there is often a multi-faceted core theme your deeper self is bringing up so that you may finally be free. 

You decide what works best for you, how fast you want to go. You are always 100% in control of your healing journey so that you become the master of creating Magic in your own Life…

What’s Included:

  1. A personal one on one 90 minute consultation.
  2. We identify the core issues that when healed will allow you a rapid and easy shift to a higher vibrational life.
  3. Healing of your top issues in priority order.

 If this resonates with you please feel free to reach out and  Book Your Session Now!

Pease note I have a fixed capacity and only offer a limited number of sessions per month.



  • You’ve struggled to change through conventional routes and find yourself stuck and ready for Change!
  • You’re super motivated to Live your Dream Life!
  • You want some higher dimensional guidance to do it right the first time
  • You want to benefit from the experience of an empowered sister who has learned to stand in her feminine power

Then YES it’s definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

Dare to Dream Your Magical Life into Existence. Take the action today to free yourself from the  humdrum, move from a place of dealing with the mundane, focusing on survival and  into a place of Magical Abundance.

Ready to start? Then Schedule Your Session Today and join me on this adventure!

See you on the other side!

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