Quantum Retreat in Mt. Shasta, Sept. 6th – 11th, 2024

Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM) Level 1 Training combined with the magical and majestic sacred land of Mount Shasta will create a quantum expansion in your Life.

Only $2,499.00

Take a QUANTUM LEAP in your evolution and become the creator of your own life!

Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM) Instructions
Sound Healing
Daily Meditation
Somatic Movement
IQM Certificate Program
Mt. Shasta Vortex Experiences

With the lightening fast self healing tool IQM, I support you to get free from old blockages and stagnation, help you to connecting with Source Energy, other higher dimensions for utmost healing, guidance and rejuvenation. You will connect with more aspects of yourself in different dimensions and activate those new frequencies and codes in your body to create your life more authentically from a higher way of being.

We will be able to let go of old fear, anxiety, survival and victim matrices and feel our way into living our life from the heart in connection with source.

Its gona be a paradigme shift for many as we are the ones we are waiting for. No outside rescue. We are the creators of our new unique reality.


Mount Shasta is welcoming you home!

It is one of the highest vibrational places on planet earth and it will ignite transformation on many levels. It is opening our hearts and reuniting us to who we truly are. Divine beings in an earthly form having a human experience.

We will connect with nature on very special places amongst the sacred mountain. Visit vortexes, waterfalls, lakes and let ourself be immersed in those higher frequencies.

On top of that we will learn the lightening fast healing tool “Integrative Quantum Medicine” IQM. We will be able to do healing on our physical, emotional and mental body.

After the retreat you can start working on yourself, your family, children, animals, friends, colleges or clients. You will feel transformed on all levels as we do a lot of clearing and healing during the workshop. So you may come with discomfort and pain and leave pain free and elevated. Issues which may have bothered you before will be gone. Allergies or phobias will be the past and you will be able to see the world with new eyes. The eyes of possibility and magic. You will realize that you are really the creator of your own reality and life. It will be a quantum leap into a new reality.

This may sounds fantastical – well it really is!

What to expect:

– Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM), on 4 days for 3 hours
– Kundalini yoga and breath work, daily for 1 hour
– Excursions to the sacred land of Mount Shasta, daily
– Sound healing
– Heart opening group session
– Practice IQM session
– Daily check ins and support
– Shopping time in Mt. Shasta City
– Relaxation in sauna & hot tub
– Delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
– Pristine property for rejuvenation and hang out

For who this is:

– you are curious
– you are ready to heal yourself and others
– you are open to expand your current reality
– you are excited to learn something new
– you enjoy exploring vortexes and the sacred land of Mt. Shasta
– you are delighted to rise your vibration
– you can’t wait to relax and rejuvenate your entire being
– you are eager to be around same minded people
– you are inspired to make new friends

How IQM will help you (to name a few):

– You feel overwhelmed with dead lines, events, your kids or just daily life

– You have sleepless nights with anxiety on how to manuever certain situations

– You feel irritated and exhausted for no reason

– You have fear of whats going on in the world and the future

– Your phobia about flying will keep you from going on along desired vacation

– Your allergy to different kind of food will make you break out in hives or have severe bodily discomfort.

– Your last routine check up at the doctors showed first signs of damage in your lungs with the recommendation to quit smoking cigarets all together (addiction).

– Your child comes home with a bloody knee and needs care physically and emotionally.

– You have longstanding discomfort in your body and there seems to be no cure available

So, can you imagine that all those above mentioned scenarios (and more…) can be addressed and healed with only one technique called IQM!

Testimonial: IQM 

I felt a noticeable increase in energy and vitality. I also felt much more confident, empowered, and overall healthier physically and emotionally.”
S. L., LA, 2019


The biggest breakthrough I had was decreasing the triggers associated with Misophonia. I also gained confidence in my own abilities to heal.
K. Y., Nevada City, 11/2023


My life has already changed dramatically since I began this work. Even after being therapist for over 20 years and also being on a conscious spiritual path for over 30 years the only words I have to describe the lightning fast change are “time bending”. The speed and ease at which belief systems have changed for me is almost overnight. The way I interact with my family and environment has changed dramatically. I no longer take on other peoples emotions accidentally. I still have compassion and empathy but I don’t carry the weight of their issues. I no longer feel responsible for things that aren’t mine to feel responsible for. The way I help people has totally changed and has been very liberating.

Maqua is a gifted healer and teacher and offers such compassion and non-judgmental space for people to heal core wounding. She helps you to access the highest levels of healing capacity and expedites your spiritual growth beyond measure. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to take a quantum leap into their highest potential.
T. E., Nevada City, 11/2023


Before the IQM Workshop I felt overwhelmed, worried  and anxious, due to so many changes that seemed outside of my control, from having to move from my home (got sold),relationship issues, and then to the October 7th/2023 attack in Israel, affected me deeply and left me sleepless for more than a month.”

After the IQM Workshop I am moving through life’s challenges with more  ease and awareness. Responding rather than reacting, Freeing myself on all planes of existence of traumas and intergenerational patterns. Having an even greater co-creative experience with Spirit and an overall sense of freedom and well being.”
M. L.,Mt. Shasta, 2023


Whats not included:

– Travel to and from Mt. Shasta
– Special needs


I can’t wait to meet and play with you!

Please feel free to reach out for more information.

Heartfelt blessings from Mt. Shasta

Maqua Iqua

Dates: Sept. 06th and 11th

Registration: $499

A $499 non-refundable deposit reserves your space. The balance is paid in two equal payments of $1000. Fees are to be paid in full by September 1st, 2024.

We accept cash, check, credit card and Paypal.

This class requires a commitment.

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      Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive Freedom Empowerer Group!