MaQuantum Transformation Package – 5 Sessions

Only $1,050.00

A Ma-Quantum Healing Package comprises of  5 individual MaQuantum healing sessions offered to you at a discounted price.

  • You’re in charge and get to decide the focus and speed of you healing process. Each of your sessions can  have a different theme or often times you’ll successively drill down into an overview theme as you uncover and heal different aspects of the bigger challenge you are facing.
  • You’ll have 1 year from the purchase date to use all sessions. Package sessions are Non-refundable and Non exchangeable for other 5D Shaman Products and Services.

Why a Package?

Well, I’m committed to your healing and I want to support you in your commitment with a financial incentive. Booking a series of 5 sessions sends a pretty big signal to the Universe that you are serious about your healing and I  reward your commitment and make it easier for you with a nice discount.

  • How It Works…
    • You Pay Now in Advance and receive 5 Sessions at a Discounted Price.
      • You will receive a Voucher via email that you can use to order up to 5 individual MaQuantum Sessions.
      • When you are ready to book your session(s) simply purchase one or more individual MaQuantum sessions from my online shop. Specify  your desired time slot(s) and attendee details. Before check out, simply Click on the coupon code in your voucher email or manually enter the code to discount your purchase. It’s that easy… you can even gift a session to a family member or friend by specifying them as an attendee.
      • Once you’ve purchased the individual session You will receive your individual zoom link and ticket and you will be auto-registered for the session.
      • We take care of all the details and you can continue to purchase sessions until your voucher is used up.
  • During your  One on One Personal MaQuantum Healing Sessions we focus on specific issues that you may be challenged with. Issues can be physical or otherwise such as:

    • Weight Management and Metabolism 
      Are you sick of fighting with your weight and body image?  Perhaps you have an imbalanced relationship to food and use it to suppress uncomfortable feelings you’re afraid to deal with? I can help You finally get out of Yo Yo Dieting, return to healthy relationship with food and reclaim the natural metabolic balance of your youth!

    • Addiction Struggles
      Address addiction patterns whether they be physical or mental.  You can eliminate destructive behaviors and habits fast!

    • Financial Well-Being
      Are you tired of struggling with your finances? Finally you can get  free of financial struggles as you eliminate energetic blocks, past life influences and plain old poverty consciousness.

    • Aligned Livelihood – from Stagnation to Magic
      Are you tired of over working to survive? Perhaps you cling to a job you hate just to make ends meet wondering when the ax is going to drop and you get laid off?
      Imagine, waking up excited each day to bring your gifts to the world, and you have a healthy balanced relationship with your body, relationships and money.
      and Much More…You Decide!!


    Sessions are custom tailored to you. We begin by identifying your goals and highest priority issues.  I quickly intuit the best combination of techniques to accelerate your deepest healing.  Sessions are cumulative and can build upon each other as there is often a multi-faceted core theme your deeper self is bringing up so that you may finally be free.

    You decide what works best for you, how fast you want to go. You are always 100% in control of your healing journey so that you become the master of creating Magic in your own Life…

    What’s Included:

    1. Five personal one on one 90 minute MaQuantum Transformation Sessions.
    2. We identify the core issues that when healed will allow you a rapid and easy shift to a higher vibrational life.
    3. Healing of your top issues in priority order.

    If this resonates with you please feel free to  Purchase Your MaQuantum Transformation Package  Now!

    Pease note I have a fixed capacity and only offer a limited number of sessions per month. Check out my Session Calendar to pick your desired date and times.



    • You’ve struggled to change through conventional routes and find yourself stuck!
    • You’re super-motivated to change your life for the better.
    • You want some higher dimensional guidance to to break you out of your old patterns so you can finally live your dream life.
    • You want to benefit from the experience of an empowered sister who has learned to stand in her feminine power.

    Then YES MaQuantum Healing is FOR YOU!!

    Dare to Dream Your Magical Life into Existence. Take the action today to free yourself from living a humdrum, mundane, mediocre, survival existence and rise into your Magical Abundance.

    Ready to start? Then Commit Now and Secure Your MaQuantum Transformation Package!

    You can Schedule Your First Session Today and join me on this adventure!

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    Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

      Join 300+ Amazing Entrepreneurs who took the risk and succeeded!

      Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive Freedom Empowerer Group!