• I’ve worked with many different practitioners all around the world and by far, the magic that Maqua offers is unparalleled. She has an exceptional gift at discerning precisely what the root cause is and then clearing it with the energy healing technique that she has so synthesized from many different modalities. If you’re someone who is looking to grow and expand beyond what you can imagine, working with Maqua is a no-brainer. She genuinely cares and always goes above and beyond. I really feel that she puts her heart into the work. I would even go so far as to say that it’s guaranteed transformation at a very deep level that has ripple effects throughout your life. Thank you, Maqua for changing my life!

    Diana Former Googler, Los Angeles, CA
  • Before working with Maqua I didn’t even realize how paralyzed I was in so many areas of my life. I’ve been working on myself for years and had seen many different healers, but things weren’t progressing forward in the way in which it has since working with Maqua. She gets into the core wounds and beliefs we seeded within ourselves so long ago and clears them out so we can finally realize our truth and move forward on our path with more awareness and effortlessness. Maqua helped me become aware of why I was “paralyzed” frozen and in ways gave me the keys to my life back through her own wisdom and healing abilities. I am forever grateful to have found and had the pleasure of working with her, my life is forever changed because I trusted my intuition and yes to working with her!

    Kaitlin May Energy Healer, Hawaii
  • Maqua is an inspiring and powerful healer and gifted teacher. She has helped me to more fully be who I am and who I’m meant to be. During sessions with Maqua I’ve received deep healing with my physical health as well as energetic insights into who I am spiritually. She has helped me to let go of unhelpful energy patterns while honoring who I am. I am so grateful to have met her.

    Gilda Ottawa, Canada, Craniosacral biodynamic bodywork, workshops & health, www.craniosacralottawa.ca
  • From my experience receiving holistic healing sessions with Maqua, each one has had a profound effect on my life in countless ways. I’ve noticed an increase in my goals and manifestations becoming actualized, relationships in my life improving & flourishing, as well as a deep sense of release in emotional areas that had once felt stagnant. My life has truly changed for the better since receiving healing sessions with her & I highly recommend Maqua to anyone interested in expanding themselves to the universe of spiritual & emotional transformation!

    Maisha Oakland, CA
  • I met Maqua while undergoing cancer treatment. My view of this diagnosis was of it being a wake-up call, inviting me to take an honest and deep look at the harmful beliefs I had adopted and the self-destructing patterns I had developed over my life. Even though I recognized the invitation to transform, I became increasingly depressed as the veil was lifted off illusions and self-deceit. No aspect of my being had been left untouched, and the prospect of rebuilding everything – relationships, home, work, finances, life purpose – felt overwhelming. It required deep shadow work and I felt broken. I felt profound shame and guilt. There was an endless well of grief. And the fear of facing the future was crippling. Maqua’s sessions helped me re-orient my perspective. I needed new beliefs, new ways of seeing myself. She helped me get out of my story (of past traumas) and look at my current and future life with hope, trust and excitement. Each session brought relief of whatever issues we worked on, and there were many: childhood traumas, religious programming, toxic relationships, feelings of unworthiness and self-loathing, a skewed sense of sexuality, codependency… and that’s just in this lifetime. I truly value Maqua’s capacity to nail what’s at the core of my issues. I admire the grace and compassion with which she delivers messages from our guides. Her sincerity and enthusiasm inspires me to be authentically me, and I am grateful for the light she has brought into my world.

    Diemut Willets, CA
  • Maqua is a phenomenal healer. Often times during the session I feel tingling sensations running through my body. Leaving the session I feel much better, super relaxed, lighter. Receiving a session from Maqua is like having a little meeting with an angel. Her energy is bright and light. I have come to rely on Maqua. As a healer myself I have in Maqua another healer who I trust to move any stuck energy that I just cannot reach. I always have a nice shift, sometimes a profound shift! I highly recommend receiving a session with Maqua!

    Cate, Cresten City, CA, Feb 2017 Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Healer
  • Maqua has quite literally changed my life. Her insight, emotional connection, and power have transformed me in a matter of four months. I was in a place in my life where I wanted change but was feeling stuck and scared about how to take ownership of what I wanted and how to move forward. I have worked with many traditional therapists in my life, but working with an energy healer was new to me. The healing work that Maqua does, her ability to identify and clear out old patterns and stuck energy is amazing. She can tap into and see how our past lives are still influencing what is happening in our current lives and how that can be holding us back. She helps us see into ourselves to rewrite the past so we can move forward in the present and create the future that we want. I am so grateful for the work I have done with Maqua, and know that I would not currently be in the space that I am now without her support.

    Nicole Wolfe, Oct 2020, Santa Monica Sociology Professor
  • Maqua Iqua is the most skilled therapist I’ve ever come across. She brings vast knowledge in classical therapy, religion/spirituality, and energy clearing— the combination of which makes her sessions holistic and multidimensional. Sessions include in-depth conversation, mental exercises, and deep energy clearing — all of which happens organically according to the specific issue being addressed. What sets Maqua apart is her deep investment in your story and the obstacles you are facing. She takes detailed notes every session and remembers in detail what you discussed in previous sessions, such that each session builds upon previous sessions. In addition, the fluid, spontaneous, and unpredictable nature of the sessions keeps things interesting, and dare I say, fun! Each session will leave you feeling more energetically whole and significantly wiser. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

    Ashwin Swamy, Nov 2020 Business Owner
  • I definitely had an experience the night of our session, I felt love and joy like I’ve never imagined, a bodiless experience. I was infused with love by angels. And now I feel clean, pure and good... Love, Light and Joy . The anxiety I carried with me for so long was my “normal” state. Thank you thank you, you are a true blessing.

    Angela, July 2023
  • Maqua’s journeys to telos are probably the most magical activities in my life. It feels like being carried into the light of god/heaven for a brief visit. Accessing a whole realm of 5D beings vibrating with unconditional love is indescribable in words. They share wisdom, joy, hope, love, healing, freedom, power, insight - all the qualities of that realm. And even show you how to implement them. I’ve received energy upgrades, downloads of guidance and higher perspective - in the form of words and powerful images. They offer the precise right thing to expand my consciousness in the moment and show me where I’m going. Surrounded by magical beings, I remember who I am (a magical being) and feel solidly grounded in that. It feels every bit as special and powerful as physically sitting in front of Mt Shasta! Thank you Maqua! For being you. And being so goddamn magical. Bridging the worlds for us every time!

    Farina, India
  • Just wanted to share how grateful I AM for you & Journey to Telos - in the first 5min after sitting down & tuning in I got a huge download and healing that was quite powerful. Thank you for holding such sacred space every week.

    Damaris, Mt. Shasta Massage Therapist, Channeler

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