Meditation from High Priest Adama, Telos

During the session High Priest Adama and the Telosian Healing team created around our circle a big golden dome. On the bottom floor the “flower of life” symbol and on top of that the infinity sign. As it was fully activated geometric forms and light symbols and codes came in. The entire room got completely lit up with golden light.

By combining “The Flower of Life” and the “Infinity Sign” may amplify the meanings of
Infinite Creation, Eternal Unity and Spiritual Harmony:

Participants where bathing in those energies and had fantastic healings and transformation during the journey.

This was the opening for all of us to be in and receive the profound energies which are coming in at this special moment in time.

Adama says:
Imagine this “Picture” in your meditation and put yourself in this dome and feel how the energies flow through your entire being. Do it as often as you feel guided to and focus on your heart. You will feel and experience the expansion in your life