Holiday Recipes

December is here and with it the Holiday season.
Being in situations that we might not choose, allows us to see ourselves in a new light.As the holidays approach, you may be preparing yourself to gather with family members you don’t usually spend time visiting. You may even feel that you are choosing to meet more from a sense of obligation than celebration. But when we trust that the universe always places us exactly where we need to be, we know that we have been placed in our families for some higher purpose. Your spirit may have chosen that particular group of souls to help you learn certain lessons, or to give you the experiences necessary to overcome specific challenges. And when we feel we’ve moved away from situations that don’t resemble us or the life we choose to live, it can seem frustrating to put ourselves back into an old scenario. But even a sense of obligation is a sign that you are still connected to the energy of your family, and for that alone it is worth investing yourself into making the most of any gathering.

1. Adjust your attitude
If you are already anticipating that a gathering will be stressful, your anxiety may get worse by the time the actual gathering begins. Instead of worrying about what will happen, imagine your favorite outcome of the event. Think about the qualities you like about them and see yourself content, happy and curious.

2. Have realistic expectations
As refreshing as it would be if your Aunt Marge didn’t criticize your outfit this year, she probably will. Don’t expect people to change when they have behaved in the same way for years. Minimize your contact with difficult relatives, and spend more time interacting with people you like.

3. Keep potentially upsetting topics off-limits
Politics and religion are obvious, but people also bring up sensitive subjects without thinking about how they might affect others. “Are you ever going to get married?” may seem harmless, but more likely than not, it will strike a nerve. Plan to keep conversation conflict-free by avoiding potentially sensitive topics, or simply ask what’s new and take it from there.

4. Accept that the only thing you can control is your reaction
You can’t stop people from bringing up controversial subjects or asking rude questions, but you can monitor and modify your own reactions. No one can force you to engage in a negative conversation.
Instead, simply say, “Let’s not get into that now.” Then change the topic. If he or she persists, excuse yourself and walk away.

5. Don’t drink too much
If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Some people become aggressive or argumentative when they’ve had too much to drink, notes. If you are one of them, minimize your drinking or stick to non-alcoholic beverages. Avoid people who have had too much to drink, and don’t let them drive.

6. Get active
It’s difficult to be drawn into an argument when engrossed in an activity that requires concentration, physical activity or laughter. Play a game, go for a walk on the beach or watch a funny holiday movie.

7. Practice gratitude
Take a time-out and think about all you have to be grateful for: a delicious meal, a warm home, good health, a friend or sunny day. Anxiety can be diminished by focusing on the things we enjoy and value.

8. Practice tolerance
We all do things that irritate other people, and we probably aren’t aware of it.Try to be tolerant of others’ quirks and irritating behaviors, and don’t take them personally. If nothing else, remember you only have to tolerate the irritation for a little while.

9. Bring a happy reminder
Looking at a favorite photograph, a funny text from a friend or anything else that makes you smile can go a long way toward relieving stress. When things get too stressful, plan to sneak away and take a break.

10. Take a deep breath — or five
Can’t physically leave a stressful situation? You can always focus on your breathing. Take five slow, deep breaths, focusing on breathing in and out. Even this short break can have a powerful effect on stress and anxiety.
Keep in mind that you can only change yourself. “You can’t change what your difficult relatives are going to do. Don’t waste your energy trying to change others and accept that you can only control your own actions and thoughts.

In case you would like to prepare yourself for those family interactions, Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM) can be a fantastic tool to heal some old pattern and emotional discomfort very fast so that you may enjoy being around your loved ones after all.
It is a healing modality which works on the quantum level and this can provide healing and transformation instantly. It is so fast that you don’t need to get a “session” with a psychologist. You are able to clear it yourself. This tool brings you back into the driver seat of your own life.
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I wish you heartfelt Holidays and a fantastic start into the New Year 2023.

Maqua Iqua,
The 5D Shaman