Jeshua: Illness and Health

Jesus on Health and Illness channeled by Sitara

Dear friends, I welcome you warm-heartedly and send you all my love. I love you all so dearly. My love for you is not only universal in nature but it also has a personal touch, for I have known many of you when I was here on earth among you…..

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Holiday Recipes

December is here and with it the Holiday season. Being in situations that we might not choose, allows us to see ourselves in a new light.As the holidays approach, you may be preparing yourself to gather with family members you don’t usually spend time visiting. You may even feel that you are choosing to meet more from a sense of obligation than celebration. But when we trust that the universe always places us exactly where we need to be, we know that we have been placed in our families for some higher purpose. Your spirit may have chosen that particular group of souls to help you learn certain lessons, or to give you the experiences necessary to overcome specific challenges. And when we feel we’ve moved away from situations that don’t resemble us or the life we choose to live, it can seem frustrating to put ourselves back into an old scenario. But even a sense of obligation is a sign that you are still connected to the energy of your family, and for that alone it is worth investing yourself into making the most of any gathering. 

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Steer Your Ship and Feel the Flow

News from Telos – So often I meet people who believe they are in the flow but they’re often in a state of waiting for signs from spirit to show them the way. The funny thing is when we wait and wait we can often drift all over the map, get nowhere and end up feeling stuck in the currents of life. It doesn’t have to be this way. Hear what high priest Adama of Telos has to say about the difference between being blown around on the ocean of life versus being the captain of your own ship.

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