The world is experiencing a higher shift in consciousness. People are starting to wake up from the 3rd dimension to the 5th-dimensional consciousness also known as unity consciousness. The “I” in the 5th dimension is not an ego-self but it is a unity, it refers to everything. Love, harmony, tranquility, bliss, and joy is felt in this dimension. Everything becomes faster and stronger in this dimension. The thoughts, frequency, and vibration are rapid. It occurs when one is spiritually aligned with the universe. It is a deep understanding of the nature of existence.

The 5th dimension is not some other place, it’s here and now. We can also experience our third and fourth-dimensional realities in the exact same moment we are experiencing in the fifth dimensional. Some are experiencing this right now while others are taking time to wake up. You realize that everything is connected. Selfishness, ego, pride, anger, hate everything subsides and your heart chakra activates when you are in the fifth dimension. You are more in tune with your intuition; your third eye starts opening up. The more value you add to someone’s life, the more value you get back. You understand that we are all a creation whatever we co-create together, happens. Your root chakra and crown chakra are balanced and you have the feeling of oneness.

We all experience and had experiences with 5D living already.
Just remember a time when you where hanging out with friends having a good time and laughing for no good reason as the joy of spending time together. Or playing with children or pets and being so in the present moment that nothing else matters. The same when we are in love with our mate or going on a fun date and treasuring every moment. Time is expanding and we are in pure bliss. 

When we are so innocently in the moment and nothing else really matters – this is just a glimpse how it feels to be in 5th dimensional consciousness. So we are hanging out in this state of consciousness already for short periods of time. The goal is to extent the time in this state from ten minutes to one hour, to eight hours to a day into 24/7 every day!

If we are able to accomplish that this means we are living in a higher state of consciousness in a place of love, joy, happiness, kindness and unity. We feel we belong, we are merged with everything and everyone. There is no separation anymore. 

3D to 5D

First you need to know that it is not bad to be in the third dimension. Everyone has a different spiritual journey and every dimension is here to teach us a lesson so that we upgrade to another dimension. It’s all about the perception of thinking that decides what happens in reality. In 5D, your thought process and perception go a major shift. The 3D world is more connected to the third chakra which is all about personal power and identity. It is mostly focused on duality. What is right and what is wrong, good or bad, normal or abnormal and we start comparing with others. People have a logical approach to doing things. They focus on the end result and are more worked up to make their future better. The ego-self plays an important role in the 3D. You want to fulfill your whims and can do anything for it. You start playing the victim card. Without pain you would not know what happiness is. Without evil, there will be no good.

Likewise, we experience many emotions in the 3D materialistic world which is a staircase to the 5D. The love in 3D is selfish and conditioned love whereas in 5D all action is based on love, just like a dead leaf may not survive the high vibration of fire, fear has no chance against the higher vibration of the fifth dimension. If one were to experience fear while they were in the 5th dimension, the vibration level would fall and the consciousness would be lowered to the 4th dimension. It’s only in the fifth-dimensional consciousness we can maintain unconditional love and have a connection with our spiritual self. Within the fifth dimension we can only live in unconditional acceptance, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional love. The vibrations of the fifth dimension have no negativity, guilt, or judgment towards our lower selves which I believe is working to remember the higher self. Our fifth-dimensional consciousness acts as the guide to our lower self of consciousness.

What to do in order to be in the 5D?

It takes patience and a lot of inner work to reach this point.

First it is essential to understand your lower dimension and as you master it you are ready to move in the next dimension. The fifth dimension gives access to many of your unanswered questions and your thoughts will gain clarity and your awareness increases.

Here are some tips you can read which may help you increase your vibration

  • Filter your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind carries a lot of thoughts and emotions from the past which very much affects your present thought pattern.
  • Heal yourself and you can heal others. Once you accept all the pain, fear, and aches from the past and let it all go. You can start afresh journey towards spiritual growth.
  • Forgive others for their deeds. They did it from their level of consciousness. You have not gone through their journey. Pray for them to heal.
  • Do not take anything personally.
  • Do what your heart says. Be passionate and work on your dreams.
  • Think of win-win situations as for you to win the other person don’t have to lose
  • Focus on things that add value to you and your life.
  • Meditate and try to be in the present moment.
  • Be in nature. Feel the peace and serenity it will make you grounded
  • Be positive. Make friends with people that boost your positivity. 

Signs that you are in the fifth dimension

  • You are more present than ever. Living in the moment is your new mantra. The past and future won’t matter to you. You understand the power of now.
  • Time plays a valuable part in your life. Your perception of time changes. It feels like the time has slowed down. Though a lot of time may pass away in the clock, it may seem like not much time has passed.
  • Your belief system changes. You detach from the conservative thoughts and patterns of society.
  • You start being grateful for what you have.
  • Criticizing and humiliating others is not your cup of tea.
  • You distant yourself from energy-draining people and attract people who are as spiritually active as you are.
  • Your desires are manifesting faster than ever due to high vibration.
  • You often see things brought up for you from the past as the universe wants you to deal with it. Accept it and let go of it.
  • You understand everyone’s reason for doing things is a reflection and perception of yourself.
  • You follow your passion and stop being people’s pleaser.
  • You start trusting your gut instinct.
  • Your DNA is upgraded. You are more flexible in movement and trusting the flow.

The fifth dimension is a wonderful state of consciousness and once you reach there it is going to be the golden period of your life and the most interesting time